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A graduate of the Art Academy living in Cincinnati. She is in a band called Sweet Action.

If she had been born a boy her parents were going to name her Clark Kent, so basically she would have been Superman


A fresh face around the neighborhood. Moved to Northside in 2022. An amazing head of hair. Has definitely made a puppet of himself.

Andrew's worst date was his first date. They had a contest to see who could eat a hamburger the fastest and the date was over in less than 10 minutes. He did keep his shirt clean.


A native of Northside, skater, and the shop mechanic.

When asked if aliens exist, Jesse said "Fuck yes, and they are smarter than us too."


Northside OG, graduate of Berea, and a true melophile.

We asked Sophie what should be illegal but isn't she said "It should be illegal for someone to respond to your question with a 'huh' and then reply to your question with the answer. That means they can hear you."


Transplanted to Northside in 2016, UK Grad, Sneakerhead, and Marvel nerd.

If someone wrote a book about her life, it would be titled "Hypothetical Arguments I've Won In The Shower, Volume 1 of 9"


From Northern Kentucky, experimental artist, host of our Northside Paint & Sip Events, and soon to be graduate of the Art Academy.

The best prank she has ever pulled was having her twin sister take her entrance exam for kindergarten.

To find out more about her artwork checkout her website.

  • We create more jobs in the community

    According to the SBA, since 1990, big businesses have eliminated 4 million jobs, while small businesses added 8 million jobs into the market.

  • More personalized customer service

    Ever walk into a local store and they know all the customers by their first name? A personalized approach offers better advice on products and services.

  • Small Businesses give back to the neighborhood

    We are locals, just like you. Our team is involved in activities to help enrich the neighborhood such as graffiti removal, festivals, and community events.